Tuesday, December 6, 2011

warm & cozy

a new design I have been sewing up lately
these serve a great function while being super simple to wear and to make
no loose ends to get in your way like on most scarves
they are made of fleece to help keep you extra warm and cozy on those frigid days
they double as a hood to protect your ears when the wind picks up
I am excited about these
I have a growing selection of colors and patterns
and some even have vintage lace
the camo was my hubby's favorite 
my favorite so far is the brown fleece with red vintage lace and the nordic sweater
more pictures coming soon and I hope to add some to my shop next week
if I don't sell out this weekend at arts&fleas :)
they are super affordable, handmade and a great gift idea
 for all those who like to keep warm and cozy

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