Sunday, December 4, 2011


this weekend we began our annual tradition of being the holidays
out come the lights, the red, the wreaths, the garland
we fill our urban home with a cut tree that sometimes takes up way more space than necessary 
we warmly welcome the smell of pine, cinnamon and apple 
the sound of those classic tunes that hold a special place in our spirit, we all have our favorites

it's a special kinda beautiful to experience magical traditions through the innocent eyes of a toddler
when I plugged in the first string of unhung lights his face lit up with mesmerism
 hypnotized by the glow
this is gonna be a jolly Christmas
if only because I have my sweet family to share it with
for me that's the real spirit of the season 
sharing special moments with family and friends
where importance is placed on coming together to give
now maybe the modern tradition of giving is an exaggeration of waste and commercial spending
but if we can get passed all that to see the true spirit
how magical it becomes 
a celebration of life, of giving, of love

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