Wednesday, December 14, 2011

barely resembling what led me there

featuring the first one of its kind the DaniLove satchel
i write this post in hopes that, as I am almost certain, my niece does not actually read my blog
 this is her gift i made with her, danielle love, in mind from start to finish (hints the name)

well last post i mentioned how inspiration triggers something that gets you creatin'
thats what happened with this here bag 
and it really does not at all resemble what led me there
but i am excited to have made it and put one more present under the tree
while maybe just maybe inspiring another 'kinda' like it 

this was my first time in a while to work with leather, the leather punch and lacing
hopefully something i will do a little more of
i enjoyed giving new life to this very old vintage dress 
it could not be worn due to a nonfunctional zipper
 it hung waiting for repair
but even better than repair it changed into something completely different
and led me somewhere

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