Wednesday, August 18, 2010

L'Immersion c'est bon!

Poppy and brother waiving goodbye

The first day of school. Wow what a memorable moment, the day your first baby goes to kindergarten or big girl school as we call it. I have had my doubts and hesitations about it all. The structure and rigid schedule (5 days a week, 7:55 till 2:55 with only 10 absences allowed for the whole year and 3 tardies gets a conference YIKES) intimidates me a little while the concerns of influence cross my mind. But, my big girl is a social butterfly whom, I strongly believe, will thrive in such a setting. Also, what excites us most is that she is in French immersion. What a beautiful opportunity for little ones. My husband has already been speaking French to her and the baby for quite sometime and he is looking forward to more and more of it in our home. This should give me a chance to actively embrace the language and dust off my learning from many years back. A bit of school for me too. Bonjour!

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