Monday, September 27, 2010

The Society, Inc.

She tells in an interview here of how she leaves beach finds in her bathtub and she never tires of combing through them. I LOVE this, though not very practical with a soon to be one year old.

she makes clutter look so pretty

What a wonderful store. From the layout of her web page to the design of her apartment I am thrilled by Sibella Court's eye for decor. She has a very casual and rustic way yet inviting and intriguing. She has designed many fine layouts for many fine publications as you can see here (you must have a click around to experience a bit for yourself). Her store located in Sydney, Australia is said to peek your interest and inspiration. It changes completely four times a year based all around a specific theme of colors and stylings. They change everything even the front door changes. She also has a book that I will (hopefully) own someday soon Ecetera, etc. I would love love love to visit and one day experience this wonder for myself. Plus, a visit to Australia in general wouldn't be so bad.

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