Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Almost one!

How fast the first year goes by. It feels like not very long ago I was playing the waiting game and I was not being very patient. At about this time last year every night I would go to sleep feeling like "tonight was the night" and every morning I would wake a bit disappointed that I had not begun labor. A little more disappointed each morning as my due date neared. Being my second child I was expecting him a little early. But to my impatience he was exactly on time. Born on his due date November 29th, on a Sunday at 3:06pm. I have to say Sunday is a great day to have a baby!

11 months later he has finally started to sleep through the night(barely), he is walking and he is into everything! But isn't he scrumptious!!

baby giggles with his Grandme

eating blueberries (his favorite) like a big little finger at a time

with his big look at his face

Busted...en route to on top of the table

Mr. serious

He stole the block of cheese off the counter.

we are

trying to get a

shot of teeth...

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