Thursday, February 24, 2011

This is similar to the frame I am imagining for our bed.

found here

We have an old salvaged door a dear friend gave us that we are using as a headboard. After I worked for days scraping, sanding and sealing to use it as the door on the kids room we noticed when hung it was seriously warped. So in our crafty way we screwed it to the wall.

not the best picture of the door but it gives you an idea

I popped the glass out and want to upholster with foam and burlap tufted. My hubby has always wanted an upholstered headboard so it works that it is on his side of the bed.

Now I want to raise the bed slightly using old gray cypress to construct the frame. I was not imagining anything coming up from the foot of the bed but I kind of like the way the one pictured above is. Ideas, ideas, ideas!

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