Tuesday, May 24, 2011

bottling nature...

L'Atelier Naturel :: embracing the divine secrets of nature

My sweet hubby and I are combining forces in 'the natural workshop'

We have recently been experimenting with the essence of nature and essential oils. Lately, my hubby enjoys urban harvesting Gardenia and Magnolia flowers to experiment with extracting their essence. He has also successfully distilled Cypress, Rosemary and even our Christmas tree from this past year to create beautiful hydrosols aka floral waters aka essential waters. He uses a beautiful copper still and is inspired by age old techniques.

I enjoy combining the oils and the essential waters to see what original essence I can come up with. So far our original collection includes three 5 oz essential water spritzers that can also be sold as oil only available in 2 ml or 5 ml bottles, as picutured above. We are still deciding on and designing our labels. I am trying to get some good photos to represent our collection.

Cypress Rose :: our homemade Cypress essential water with Turkish Rose
Rozalyn :: our homemade Magnolia and Cypress essential waters accented with oil of Gardenia, Vanilla, and Amber
Kaya's Delight :: this one was inspired by our 6 year old daughter who decided that the oils of Peppermint, Rose, and Lavender would go beautifully together and she was right. Combining equal parts of each oil to purified water and/or Rosemary essential water.

These essential waters work great as a body or home spray. Spray your sheets to freshen things up a bit, on a hot day you can spray a little Kaya's Delight on your face for a mid- day freshner or just wear as your daily perfume.

:: and always remember to SHAKE WELL AND SPRAY OFTEN ::

We are hoping to have our original collection available online sometime very soon...

...until then please feel free to contact me with any curiosities you may have at bayoubohemian@gmail.com

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