Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring + Summer

This is by far my favorite time of year. All the flowers are beginning to sprout back out of the fertile earth. The air is still cool but the sun is out warming things up. So much birth and growth happening all around us.  I have been inspired to get back to work in the studio nearly 6 weeks after birthing my third little munchkin.  It's quite a challenge but I am so grateful for the help of my sweet mama, who does not hesitate to come running when my littlest man begins to cry or needs burping.

I have made a much needed delivery of many new jewels to Hemline Lafayette,  I have sent a great selection of necklaces to Hemline Dallas and their earring order is in the process. I also made a few updates to

I am feeling very grateful for this time...
And I think my cowry shell collection is right in tune as the shells are a symbol of womanhood, fertility, birth and wealth.
I feel very wealthy in love and support...wishing you the same.

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