Friday, July 9, 2010

A collector at heart

I am a collector at heart. I, all to often, see the potential in lots of things that others may be discarding. I find a treasure in what some might consider trash. I know I do not stand alone in this, having a need to keep something (lots of things) because I can do 'this' with it or hey that would make a good 'this'. I have come across many similar women here in the blog world or on etsy that are making beauty out of 'old junk' or what some might consider rescued treasures. The great thing is that we are REcycling and saving the dump from one less thing at a time.

A few of my ever growing collections are vintage jars and bottles, old wood, cypress windows, buckets of paint, magazine tear sheets, fabric and vintage clothes. It seems I am even a collector of hobbies and inspirations. Some are my moms collections that I have taken on as my own. You can imagine where all this collecting leads. Clutter! BUT it all has potential to be something bigger and better. Like a flea market or etsy store.

old wood projects

This blog is a place for me to collect my thoughts and my inspirations. A bit random and unorganized at times. Searching for time and space to create that doesn't seem to show itself these days. Remembering that being a mother is so rewarding and valued by the sweet, innocent, precious spirits I have birthed into this existence. Though demanding and constant it is ever changing and I only have this one chance to be here and now. I sound so enlightened and like I have it all together but OFTEN times I feel quite the opposite. Though I am always telling myself those things its easy to loose myself in being overwhelmed with not having enough ME time. Time to do the things that I am inspired to do at any given moment. So, I will collect my thoughts and inspirations here to remind myself of what I like, what I want. I will embrace my tiny (spaceless) home and I will cherish my time with my children. I will be satisfied with the short incomplete chances I have to work with jewelry and fabric due to time and space constraints. I am a mother most importantly, everything else comes next!

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