Friday, July 30, 2010

Figs, figs, figs

While we dream of soon having land to call our own where we can grow food and raise animals along with children my husband makes the best of where we are, a quaint neighborhood near downtown. He has been quite the urban harvester, walking the streets harvesting the figs for canning and the Cypress balls and Rosemary for distilling (more to come of this in the near future).

From fresh baby snacks to canned fig preserves using organic cane sugar, oranges, ginger, cinnamon, and oregano. As well as, wonderfully aromatic Cypress and Rosemary hydrosol and oil. He is my urban farmer. Putting good use to what might otherwise have gone unnoticed, back into the earth till next year. We can share the bounty of his harvest for the seasons to come with yummy treats that are delightful to our senses through taste and smell.

We have the canned Figs and hydrosol available for purchase.
  • half pint mason jar of Fig preserves $5
  • 4oz glass amber bottles with atomizer tops full with essential water of Cypress or Rosemary for $5.
  • with added drops of incredible therapeutic-grade essential oils creating blissful aromas to be sprayed directly on you or around your home or sacred space. Price varies depending on oils used. Will post a list of oils and prices soon!
If you are interested please contact me or via etsy.
(Hopefully, in the next few days I will add to my etsy shop)

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