Tuesday, June 14, 2011

shop update :: a feather for your hair

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feather hair clips combining found and bought feathers
created with appreciation for the birds beauty
I personally am attracted to the natural un-dyed feathers
most clips average dangle is 8",12",or 18"
the beauty of the plume without the commitment of permanent extensions

a (very) brief history that you might find interesting (I definitely do)

:: feathers have been used as adornment since as early as 1789 by French & English royalty alike
:: while the Spanish government banned certain citizens from wearing in order to establish a visual marker of 'race'

"Feather ornaments extend back from the domain of secular fashion to that of religion.
Birds are among the sacred animals, and this is especially the case with that bird which in its red tail-feathers
affords the article most sought for ornamental purposes.
The most valuable head-dresses were made of feathers.
The feathers were luxuries which forty years ago were permitted only to the most distinguished people."
(paraphrased) from here

attention locals :: the beauty shop has a limited selection available

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