Tuesday, July 19, 2011

mySELF out there...

I started a facebook page for my business
but I am having some silly trouble sending out invites
and no its not technical its clearly emotional

I have to admit it makes me so nervous to put myself out there and share my creations and inspirations with others.  A few years ago when I started this here blog it was in honor of that very thing and my need to be creative. I struggle with just doing it already. This may have something to do with my fear of being vulnerable which creates disfunction for me in many areas of my life.  Disfunction of a free spirit. I want to be able to express myself truly and honestly without concern of being judged and liked or disliked.  I want to share and express my heart and spirits vision without the nerve racking fear that always seems to emerge and present doubt and question.  As I type this I question should I while my heart beats a little faster and my palms feel as if they may begin to sweat.  I start to wonder if it indeed is what I truly want and the answer begins to blur.  Its like an emotional game because on so many levels I don't care what others think nor do I want to but on so many levels I do care and I am very sensitive to it. I added a seemingly appropriate quote to my collection today

 "I'd rather live a life of oh wells then a life of what ifs."
 (found here)

What wise words presented so simply.  Great words to hold dear and familiar.

Fear is such a heavy pretty much useless burden to carry.
Fear of judgement, fear of failure, fear of the unknown
all rather common really

How light and free my spirit will feel when overcome.
Well, hopefully the saying practice makes perfect holds true this time

for any and all who may struggle with fear and doubt on any level
may we truly have the power to overcome and live free 

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