Saturday, July 30, 2011

olde world domestique

domestique :: I like that word
ideas and inspirations of a collection are whirling about in my head
I am always a sucker for the primitive, olde world, prairie kinda thing

found here and here

reminds me of a time when women always wore dresses 
from cleaning the kitchen to cleaning the barn
just wear an apron
there's something so lady like

do*mes*tic found here
1. Of or relating to the family or household.
2. Fond of home life and household affairs.
3. Tame or domesticated. Used of animals.
1. A household servant.
a. Cotton cloth.
b. Household linens. Often used in the plural.
3. A product or substance discovered in, developed in, or exported from a particular country.

domestic middle english from old french domestique

ps. presently, I am living a very domestic life...tres domestique

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