Monday, February 6, 2012

Maddie Moon

So one of my dearest friends who I like to consider growing up with. Though I met her in my 20's, I did a lot of figuring myself out then. I lived a full 2 day drive or 6 hour flight away from home and was 'all alone' in a transient and progressive city. Madeleine and I worked together in a little beach community bead store where I nurtured my interest in jewelry making. Then we studied fashion together which led to assisting her in opening her own store Maddie Moon Designs.  While I worked a part-time job elsewhere I spent most other hours and days assisting her in bringing her dream to reality and learning a lot for myself.  Two capable gals can get many things done all by themselves. We worked power tools and built a stage for the display in the front window. We changed the fluorescent lighting to track lighting.  We painted and installed wall mounted racks.  We just about did it all.  
>>> Don't ever under estimate your power ladies! <<<
I was her assistant for a few years before my fate led me home to start a family as a single mother. Who knows where I might be if things had happened differently.  Probably not here at this blog.
Madeleine kept her doors open for over seven years before she decided to take a break from owning and running a brick and mortar and she took her designs on the road doing a circuit of festivals across California, some in Oregon and even Chicago.  She is living her dream of being a designer and though there are always challenges to overcome she is determined to succeed. About five years ago she began taking some of her designs to Bali to source fabric and for their construction.  

She even has recently welcomed a celebrity clientele. Steven Tyler and his girlfriend are big fans of her hipster flared pants and own like a dozen pair between them.

Maddie has a sweet fairy like spirit. Kind and gentle with fierce drive to do what she is passionate about.  She is well traveled, a strong creative talent and since the summer of 2010 she has added mother to her successes.

You can find Madeleine's many bohemian chic separates available online at
activewear for the spirited lady and a piece or two for the gents as well.
or you can find her on facebook

Maddie just last week sent me a box of samples to rep around here and hopefully find some stores to stock her designs in the gulf south.  Included in the box were some of her oh so cute and considerably well made baby pants. I like to call 'em her moon pants.

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