Monday, February 27, 2012

wilderness home

"Since ink smears when it gets wet, I used pencils on a yellow legal pad propped against the black Mercury outboard motor.  Whenever it was time for me to crank the motor and run us to the next line or net, I'd sit on the pad to keep it from blowing away." - Gwen Roland

I have mentioned this book before some time ago but have only just began to flip its pages. a setting that is basically our own backyard. only minutes will get you to the banks of the Atchafalaya which truly make her writings more intriguing and subtly familiar. A late Saturday morning, there is a chill in the air but my coffee, handmade afghan and this intimately told story keep me warm and cozy.

you can find a copy here
here you will find pictures of their wilderness home, a simple life among the swamp.


  1. I have just ordered the book this minute! I am so intrigued! Thank you for showing it to me!


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