Monday, March 12, 2012

collection & layout

There were so many pieces in this collection that I adore. Simple, comfortable, feminine. Dresses, skirts and tops.  I am working on similar silhouettes in my own studio, similar but different of course. Designs and fabrics I have been gathering and collecting for many moons now. I am excited to finally be at this place, creating with ideas and resources that have been lingering. Clearing my space for anew, both physically and creatively. Handcrafting a limited selection with remnants of vintage and natural textiles like hemp and cotton. While also incorporating vintage textiles like curtains and tablecloths and turning them into something wearable with a completely different function, like these found here and here. A thing I have been dreaming of doing for years now. Though rather simple in general it's very special to me! 

I also like the layout of this page of her website, how it opens as an image that I assume are bits from her studio/store, an intimate feature I like. Then it parts to allow for a scroll through her collection.

And I learned something new that I will share just in case you don't already know...
to take a screen shot like those featured above simply hold down command shift 4 then scroll over what you would like to capture and it snaps a pic and saves it to your desktop. Simple as that!

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