Tuesday, March 6, 2012

antique lace curtains

...well that's what they used to be until now...

I truly enjoy the success of the simplest transformations. I realize this more each time with each simple creation. it's not because it's rather easy which is a bonus but it's because its creating a total different wearable function while only barely changing it's original form...I love that!

this was a curtain. a very pretty lace I think. a lace I have inherited from my moms overflowing lace collection that I have stored, used as decoration (like my veil for my wedding) and stored again. I have known that there was something special to come of these I've just been waiting for what that was exactly.  yesterday it just happened... the idea of what these ivory antique lace curtains are supposed to be.  and what a seriously simple reincarnation.  all I had to do to redesign them into something special was pull elastic through one of the existing casings that was sewn originally for the curtain rod, sew together at the ends, serge and voila. no patterns, no cutting, no hemming.  I especially like the ruffle detail at the waist. and what's worn underneath is left to be determined by the creative style and mood of the wearer each time they slip it on.

so what ya think?  worn high on your waist with a slim fitting ballet top or tank, high heels, ankle boots or the sweetest sandals.  lots of options!!!

<> stay tuned folks for the lace shorty shorts to come later today if all goes as planned <>

>>> so they worked as planned. I have yet to see them on but I think they will look oh so boho with a bright floral loose fitting blouse, cowgirl boots and layers of copper mixed with brass necklaces <<<

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  1. So pretty! and such Beautiful photos. Old lace, lush velvets and denim anyday:) Looking forward to seeing the other projects,xo

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