Wednesday, June 13, 2012

i am RAW

raw |rô| adjective // in its natural state; not yet processed or purified // not analyzed, evaluated, or processed for use // not having a hem or selvage // strong and undisguised // frank and realistic

I am flattered. I have been invited to be a featured artist in  RAW : natural born artists a showcase coming up on July 12th in the Big Easy aka New Orleans.  RAW is by artists for artists in support of independent designers in nearly every state of the US plus in Australia and growing. My work will be featured in my own fashion show. Models are provided as needed and I get to work with a hairstylist and a makeup artist. How legit!  I am excited with a side of anxiety. 

So far my vision is bold mix matched prints, some vintage some not, with earth tone tie-dye and layers of necklaces...

I really like this bright liner on the eye with not much else but a natural face.

For the hair I like the tight braids, pictured first above, with the contrast of wild full hair at the ends. Maybe even several french braids leading to a high messy bun for one look.  sleek + wild.  natural + bold.
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"The organization provides a launchpad. This creative extravaganza is sure to be both amazing and action packed." Apparel

If you are in the area and you want to come Support. Enjoy. Experience. Please visit here and 'buy a ticket for this artist'.

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