Saturday, June 2, 2012

southern charm

Well I'm pretty proud to be friends with such talented kind folk like the Givers. Whose southern charm is crossing borders and touching folks across the world.  Above sweet Tiff shows her love for our sweet home Louisiana wearing my authentic LA1 Southern Charm. An organic representation of our home state in bayou country handmade from locally salvaged copper. Givers of love, givers of support, givers of kindness, givers of music, Givers of LA.

The first picture above was taken from here.  You see our community has come together amazingly, even surprisingly in an effort to help bring Mickey home.  Out of something so horrific and unimaginable our community is pulling together. Exemplifying an unmeasurable amount of southern charm and sincere love.  My heart aches and my spirit trembles with the idea of such unthinkable acts of humanity. How disgraceful and painful.  My strongest prayers go out to Mickeys family, for her safety and for the safety of our community as a whole.

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