Thursday, November 15, 2012

2 days

Inspired by textiles, folklore, traditions, femininity, pattern, color, simplicity and versatility...

I have spent a little more than 2 weeks preparing for my RAW semi finals show coming up in only 2 days.  I am mostly excited this time with subtle bits of anxiety and nerves.  It's going to be an evening full of art of all sorts. It is the semi-finals competition there are 3 industry professionals judging for their favorites and the audience gets to participate in voting as well with 50% of the total vote.  I kinda can't believe I'm in a competition for indie fashion designer of the year in New Orleans but mostly I am trying to embrace how exciting it is when you see your hard work come together to the sound of music chosen specifically to make it all come alive. I think that is the best part of it all. It's great exposure and it feels so good when it's done. Wish me luck and if you happen to be in or near Nola I would love for you to come out to the Howlin' Wolf this Saturday Nov. 17th and enjoy the experience with us.

Are you tempted to see where I'm going with this, to see it all come together?

This RAWards semi finals show has been mentioned in
Slow Southern Style

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