Wednesday, November 7, 2012

busy. busy. busy.

I am busy. I am spending lots of time making things with paper, cloth, metal, leather, chain and whatever else  might cross my inspired path while I hunker down to prepare for this. All while juggling my littles and their needs/wants/demands/schedules as usual (this evening I even fantasized for a tiny minute that I had no other responsibility but to create, while I was having a very productive/creative time in my studio but I was in a hurry to get back to Mama duties calling). Insert deep breath here.

Trying to get lots done this week because last minute makes me even more nervous. I am pretty excited about how things are turning out. I have chosen my music for my ladies to walk the runway to and I am looking forward to hearing these tunes blare through the Howlin' Wolf when my designs and hard work show up center stage all together for all to see.

11 days till 'judgement day' (hehe). EEK (for exitement) (i think)!

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