Sunday, January 6, 2013


I just discovered another 'toy'.  I'm sure you've noticed my (maybe not so short-lived) infatuation with instagram and now I have found the afterglow app, with many more exciting options. Then you have the option to edit in instagram and upload to your feed too.

As seen here we have added some handsome timeless pieces to my hubbies wardrobe. Resembling a man from another era. Handsome indeed if I say so myself.

And in the afterglow of the holiday break, school returns tomorrow as does our halfa$$ routine and schedule which means I should be spending more time in my dollhouse studio.  I have a little project underway that I am excited to be finally getting around to and I hope to share pictures real soon. Hint: it involves copper.

I have to say I seriously enjoyed our relaxed break time where we all slept in most days, even the usual early bird boy Sage.

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