Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the adorned nook

Beautiful days at home in my studio. The weather has been quite dreamy the last few days.
I have styled a sweet little photo booth nook in my studio (also known 'round here as the Dollhouse). I draped many cream and white handmade afghans to create this warm and cozy space. I also hung some of my dreamcatchers and used vintage lace, my favorite baskets and my new turkish cushion to help enhance the mood. My sweet Kaya brought me a white Camellia from the yard and it goes perfectly, I think it's safe to say she has a pretty great eye already.
I have taken some pictures of a few new necklaces I have made and a few new vintage pieces. I love turquoise, crystals and chunky power rocks. I am excited about my new bracelet collection for early Spring, perfect for when we again expose our arms to the warmth of the sunlight. All made from recycled copper and all made by hand. I have applied a wax coating to these to avoid tarnish.

Vintage dresses and more to follow...

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