Tuesday, January 29, 2013

recycled copper bracelets

February has yet to begin but it's felt like Spring around here for the last week and it is lovely.  These bracelets are perfect to welcome the warmer, brighter days. I have been inspired to make these for sometime it feels real good to get around to it.  I like them and I like making them. It takes some time to hammer, shape and finish the copper to its smooth, shiny, sealed reveal but it's becoming a sort of meditation for me. I sit in silence with my tools and practice repetition. They are certainly made with love like most I do. I think my personal favorites would be the bangle cuffs because they are so minimal and simple. That's just where I seem to be right now. I also favor the amethyst rock 1"cuff for its raw, natural beauty.  They are each special. I made them from recycled copper that I salvaged from the scrap of local builders. All of these are now available online here.

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