Tuesday, February 26, 2013

shed = office

Just a peek at a little project we worked on Sunday. I love a good productive Sunday when you get things done. This is another one of those things that I have been inspired to do for a few months but finally got around to. Though we only just begun, phase 1 if you will, it serves a rather necessary function but jumping into it was like opening a can of worms if ya know what I mean.

When not on a job site, at a meeting or in his wood shop working with heavy duty machines you will sometimes find my hubby at our rather small kitchen table making business calls, doing research or designing plans for a new project.  But we have this ideal space that can rather easily be converted into a home office while sharing space with tools/wood/seasonal & holiday garb/potential project supplies/etc/etc. Led by a narrow red brick walk you will find a little house like structure in our backyard that until days ago was filled with a disorganized collection of keep and don't keep. Again we have only just begun with this but we are off to a good start and our little shed house now functions as a home office while it awaits phase 2. A quiet space to work from home when that space is needed.

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