Monday, February 18, 2013

treasures from Cherokee

Buffalo teeth, wild Turkey feathers, an Elk hide, photos of ancient traditions and a ceremonial drum.  I am excited to begin creating some beautiful pieces inspired by our journey.  The land of North Carolina is some of the oldest in our country and there are many signs of the life lived by the Natives many many moons ago still evident there today. This drum, handmade by a Cherokee tribesman, has a wonderful deep sound, a beautiful resonance that I can literally feel in my heart. Nearly tear jerking. Just after taking these pictures I stood on the rivers edge and beat my new drum connecting me to the Appalachian Mountains above and the Ocunaluftee River below. That land is sacred.

Not pictured // I also picked up some leather lacing, artificial sinew and an assortment of bone feathers from a lovely local store on the banks of the river called Medicine Man Crafts. 

Among my many treasures I have also brought home the priceless souvenir of inspiration and a refreshed spirit that only travel, new experiences and adventure can offer.  Those crystal clear rushing mountain rivers have a special affect on me.


  1. Beautiful, I volunteer on the Oconaluftee River as a NPS ranger, its such a rewarding experience. Glad you enjoyed your stay here.

  2. Hi Kaylan. What town do you call home? The land there is breathtaking. I also enjoyed the French Broad River right off the 215 just north of hwy 64. Which come to find out is the 3rd oldest river in the world. Such sacred land out your way!!! I am so happy my family and I had the chance to experience it, if only a taste. Now we know how close it is so we can visit again soon.

  3. I live in Morristown which is about 30 min away from the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area. It takes me about 2 hrs to get to Cherokee for my volunteer shift. I love it here and I think its great that you expose your kids to nature. I feel the only way we can try and save the planet from its path is to get the new generation outside and let them see how important it is.


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