Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Lately my little hunk of a boy has been in this cowboy phase. It is a precious moment that I have happily documented with instagram and even a wonderful video, a moment that I am thrilled to have caught on tape (thanks iphone).  This age has its challenges indeed but geez does he make my heart feel like its gonna explode.

What is it about princesses and cowboys? It's just what little girls and boys do.

Stay tuned for his halloween costume that he barely takes off since I finished making it. Hint // what do you get when you combine superman and a cowboy...

note // I am not a big fan of him playing with toy guns. The one in image one just showed up, though he was super excited about it, it lasted for about a day then it 'disappeared'. I much prefer a stick that happens to look like a gun but I like a sword best.


  1. Oh would you look at that little man strut!!! too cute :)
    reminds me of my oldest who is now 23 doing his "cha cha cha" karate/power ranger moves...oh how I wish I had video of that.
    Thank you again Mama, your sweet little man brought smiles and a memory of my own (not so little anymore) sweet man.xoxo

  2. I am happy to conjure sweet memories!


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