Friday, October 26, 2012

dreaming of dreamcatchers

Yesterday was my Uncle's birthday. My mom called me up and asked me to meet her at their house with my little man to surprise him as a gift, so we did of course. Well when I rounded the corner into their sitting room and set my eyes on my Aunt's newest creative endeavor, she had beautifully displayed in the corner, I squealed with delight.  Her breathtaking crochet skill fit around a circle frame, made from scratch I tell ya, with her own two hands.  Dreamcatchers like this, or a similar idea, is something I have been dreaming of making (and slowly doing a bit of) myself but with antique doilies that are already made and wrapped on circles made of vines and roots. This takes it to a whole 'notha level.  And the best part is she was so lovingly generous that I actually got to take one home with me and call it mine. (insert squeal here)

 Mine (the one the talented artist herself is holding in the first picture) will be decorated with found feathers and fabric fringe and hung on the wall above our bed (though it looks pretty good just like it is hanging over the lace curtain over the window).

So much talent. I love my family, creativity is in our blood!

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