Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nola Sewn is home sewn

I was clicking around from here to there in my own sort of quiet meditational routine and I just happened upon this article of a locally owned thriving garment factory right in New Orleans. What a happy accident or synchronicity as some might call it.  My heart is raising with the idea of getting to that place/time as a designer. It is wonderful to know that New Orleans has a source for me to go into full production when my business has grown closer in that direction. The idea of having someone produce my clothing line (more that one or two of each style) just opens up the flood waters of creativity.  Until now it seemed much more difficult to produce my own collection when considering travel to San Diego or Los Angeles where I have already wet my feet with such networking. The words of these ladies who have joined forces to fill a gap in the Nola fashion industry just make me all the more excited to get to this place in my journey as a designer.  Being so close to home it will still feel a bit 'home'made and that is important to me.

Kind of embarrassing that I didn't already know they existed but oh so excited for my fresh, new discover.  Maybe it's perfect timing?!?!

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