Thursday, October 18, 2012

i am nominated

Well here I go again, back to work and nerves.  On Nov 17 at the Howlin' Wolf in New Orleans I get 5 minutes of the spotlight with 3 of my very best looks.  Oh what will I choose that is the question.  Did I ever mention that it can be quite challenging for me to make decisions?!  I am trying to remind myself how much fun it was to see my work walk the runway last time back in July.  It was exciting. Though all that time preceding I was questioning if all the nerves and anxiety were even worth it. Then it ends and it's like you want to do it all over again. Well here I go doing it all over again just a bit different. Only 3 looks with only 5 minutes and it will be judged (50%audience participation/50%prominent locals chosen as judges) to possibly be the winner of the title RAW New Orleans fashion designer of the year and the winner represents our city in the RAW national finals.  Sheesh!  I will have fun because that is what it should be. I will not let the nerves and anxiety take over. Man to be totally free of 'internal freak out' and just be able to put my self/work out there free and clear of all the junk (doubt/fear/dread) I often feel in such situations. Well I guess that's why I am doing all of this because like I am always telling my soon to be 8 year old practice makes perfect!

Ya know it's interesting because for me in these 'judged' situations I naturally lean to trying to consider what it is the 'judges' want to see and doing this can often deter one from their own true style.  This has of course happened again but I noticed it immediately and my internal dialog says that's not what it is about, it is about me being me and true to who I am as a maker, a designer (always weird for me to use that word to describe myself I guess that would be self-confidence ?)  Any hoot do any of you ever feel that way?  So I will work to channel myself (free and clear) and that is what I will put out there just like I do here (except here I can hide behind the whole virtual thing it's not face to face).  Kinda scary! But exciting! All for the practice and the fun of it. Everything else is bonus!

"Soar with my true spirit being the air that empowers my flight." Me

A big thanks to those of you who may have taken a minute or two of your time to cast your vote and an extra big hug for all of your support with everything and for appreciating me for me!!

Wish me luck!

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