Friday, August 17, 2012

beekeeping at the camp

faces of approval...this honey is mmm mmm good

We shared our very first beekeeping experience and it went well.  No bee stings until the very end. When all was said and done my hubby returned the box with the honey drained frames and when he came back to camp he apparently brought a couple of bees with him. One did get my mom and it seemed to hurt her real bad for a good 10 minutes or so.

I wasn't much help with the honey harvest but it was enjoyable to watch closely and to see the kids experience such a moment. I basically snapped pictures (many obviously) and hung with my kiddos. All in all it went rather quickly and was not as difficult as we had unknowingly anticipated.  We smoked them with pine needles and sage which apparently works like a sort of sedative.  Our bees were pretty calm which was nice.  My hubby did most of the work, front and center, with great help from some great friends whom had done this sorta thing before.  It was a pleasure to have their experience on board.  They helped move things along smoothly, flawlessly and painlessly (mostly).

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