Wednesday, August 8, 2012

gone fishin'

Summer break is coming to an end so we decided to go fishing. We spent a lovely morning hanging out on the banks of swampy Lake Martin beneath the shade of moss draped trees. It was high noon and I did not even notice how hot it actually was until loading back up in the van to head home.

I have to be honest I feel a bit of sadness and dread in welcoming the schedule of the school year.  It seems so soon. Already?  Really? It seems the school year keeps starting earlier each year?! Poo!
Kaya's ready. And excited. Not me! Only 1 day till... up every morning by 7, lil diva needs to get dressed, eat and out the house (which sometimes can feel like such a fight), load the little one and at school by 7:45ish, pick her up by 3 (hope the little isn't napping), homework every night (sometimes a fight too), ballet, piano, in bed early just to do it all over again the next day and the day after that too.  I know it's really not that bad, I have it Real Good and I know it!! I'm just spoiled for the freedoms of summer break and I'm being whiney.
Lake Martin is less than 20 minutes from our house I cannot believe we don't do THIS more often!!!
 It twas a perfect morning spent enjoying nature, family and our beautiful, local surroundings.

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