Friday, August 10, 2012

Thread + Crescent

"Our eyes see beauty in simplicity and modesty and we highly value quality over quantity in every aspect of our lives. All our products share the common thread of craft."

'Thread & Crescent is a New Orleans based lifestyle brand created by brother & sister, Donovan & Mitzi Guidry.' Just a short visit with a few clicks around their online boutique and their passion for quality and craftsmanship is evident. Mitzi's favorite quote sums up her vision quite well I believe, "Because there is complexity in purity, Elegance in plainness, Intricacy in streamlining, Richness in reduction, Depth in minimalism, Surprise in uniformity, Innovation in re-use, Cool in the avoidance of cool, And there is true sophistication in simplicity"  -MUJI brand philosophy

Currently, Mitzi resides in Los Angeles where she has stayed since studying at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She now co-owns and operates Los Angeles Leather Craft. A private label leather manufacturer 'offering a complete product development service from raw material sourcing & sampling to production & quality management'. Where they proudly put forth the effort to source their raw supplies from the USA while keeping the manufacturing talent known to LA alive and well. Mitzi was working along side skilled and experienced professionals before their previous employer closed its doors leaving all of them unemployed.  Mitzi and fellow co-workers took the initiative and they used this misfortune as an opportunity, coming together to create Los Angeles Leather Craft. GOODness happens with vision, heart, passion and bravery. This is Mitzi Guidry ya'll, born and bred in Louisiana and half of the whole of Thread & Crescent.

you can find this picture and a full article on LAL here

What is your earliest memory of having an interest in fashion?
Growing up in a small town in South Louisiana, we didnt have a lot of shopping options so my mom would commission an elderly woman in our neighborhood, Mrs Costen who was an amazing seamstress, to make a lot of our special occasion outfits. Everything from my First Communion dress through to my high school dance dresses were made by Mrs. Costen. My mom always let me chose fabrics and as I got older I actually designed these dresses and Mrs Costen would put them together. I was always fascinated by her sewing room tools and the whole process.. taking measurements, having fittings and then the idea materializes into something that you wear and feel special in.

Tell us a little something unexpected about yourself in one sentence.
My dream is to be an elementary school Home Ec teacher.

What inspired the idea for Thread & Crescent? When and how did it all begin?
Thread & Crescent has been a dream for my brother and I for maybe 10 years. We're both obsessed with curation, design, art and home life. We've spent hundreds of hours talking about perfect rooms and perfect scenarios. Thread & Crescent is that perfect world where we get to package a lifestyle with finds and creations we love and are inspired to share.

What's one of your favorite things to do and places to visit when you are back home in New Orleans?
I love music on the patio at Bacchanal in the By Water. Its a great spot I like to take my west coast friends to.. and the food is remarkable!

How about sharing a little advice with our southern readers, maybe something beneficial you've learned along your way that has helped you get where you are today.
Building a network is probably one of the most important things I've learned. More than half of the work I get or products I sell come from a personal connection.. and in exchange I share my resources with friends and colleagues. Now with the internet the playing field is even and everyone has access to the same resources so that part has become easier.. its using these tools to foster relationships is what takes effort but where the real payoff can be.

Now available at with The Summer Uniform and The Perfect Belt you can find the bayou bohemian indigo dyed hemp tent tank and dress, along with many beautiful items inspired by simplicity and travel being both elegant and comfortable. 

A fellow Lafayette, LA native, a friend, a maker. Mitzi and I were introduced many years ago by some of my oldest, closest childhood friends. Oddly enough our meeting was in sunny San Diego no where near our roots. Her and I both shared a strong bond with the same very special folk it only made sense that we too would share a friendship. We met when she was in town visiting our mutual friends, who along with me lived there at the time, so our visits were always short but intimate and we always had our love of fashion in common.  Each one of us on our own path in the industry not expecting that they would one day naturally collide. And here we are today.

Intricate, streamlined, rich, minimal, innovative, local...Thread & Crescent!

Thank you Mitzi!

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