Tuesday, August 28, 2012

shelter from the storm

Ya'll my humble little studio has become a shelter for a handful of college students from New Orleans.  Drunkering I mean hunkering down above sea level and out of storms way (mostly at least).  We are still expecting a whole bunch of rain and wind but not nearly as much as further east, like they say around here 'we're gettin' the good side'.  The gumbo is on the stove and when I asked PaPa if he had prepared for the storm his response "yep, I got an extra case of beer". And I noticed the brand new bottle of vodka on the table too.  I'm glad I'm not busy on a project because I would be walking over sleeping bags and around others personal belongings. What's usually my space to create, for now smells like a bar and in less than 24 hours there's already a large trash bag full of bottles and cans.  Ahhh...the college years...to be 21 again.  No Thank You.
But I'm glad we have a place for these youngin's to run. Be it small and cramped, no matter.

you can find more pics of our village here


  1. Lemme guess- Danielle and her friends? :P

  2. yep! Though its the handful of guys doing all the drinking all the day... 'hurricane partay'. But their nice, respectful and very thankful for the place to crash and enjoy their 'vacay'


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