Thursday, August 2, 2012

Magnolia Pearl

How have I yet to know of you?

So much free spirit all around it. Tattered beautiful. Full of vintage lace, random fibers, textiles and found treasures of yesteryear. So many of my favorite things. Creating wearable works of history.  With a strong little house on the plantation simplicity that's not so simple.  I LOVE so much about all of you, Magnolia Pearl!  Check out this amazing video of her fashion imaginarium.  While her blog is filled with optimistic quotes and words inspiring one to follow their own way, special to each of us.

"You become what you believe...When I was younger, no one planted the seeds of belief in me to grow my dreams, so I started planting them for myself, and magic has grown in my life. Yes, life is a miracle, but what we do with that life is an even bigger miracle- everything we do affects the lives of other people and to what degree is up to us." - Pearl

My heart is racing...
You can find more pics here

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