Friday, January 13, 2012

new projects begin

i have had a few t-shirts waiting to be cut into something new and different 
and printed with my new woodblocks
yesterday i put some time into working with this idea i have been wanting for months to try
pictured is the racerback tunic or mini dress 
with a single hand printed stripe down center front and center back using a woodblock
woodblock printing is one of the earliest methods of printing on textiles
it is also the most simple while being one of the slowest methods
find out more about its history and origin here

once printed on cloth the block print i chose resembles lace 
when looking at the carvings on the block itself i never noticed its similarity to lace
i started off simply but i have a few different design ideas i am excited to print
my own interpretation of a tribal navajo-esque design
and classic me i don't practice on random cloth i go right for it
i cross my fingers and hope for the best
be what it may 

.......<< stay tuned folks >>.......

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