Monday, January 16, 2012

what makes a perfect weekend?

for me a perfect weekend is made
when we successfully get projects done around our home and checked off our list
our front yard, which i have jokingly referred to as the morvant junkyard, was in need of some attention
we used some of our ever growing pile of salvaged wood and 'oh i can do something with that' 
to construct a fence across the front 
allowing for a taller green fence in many months to come and a little more privacy from the street
there are so many more projects on our list but damn it feels good to check one off :)

we not only made some great accomplishments around the house but we had time to take in the annual rodeo too. something i have done with my dad since i was a tot  and something i still enjoy with my kiddos. with a picture perfect walk home under this amazing sky and sunset.
perfect is beautiful weather, things getting done and quality time outdoors with my family

what makes a perfect weekend in your book?


  1. I completely agree! Getting things done on the weekend feels sooo good, as long as you have some time to step back and enjoy it. xo

  2. what a pleasant surprise it is to see you here Leora :) I am certainly a fan of your work and your blog but never expected to see you here in my neck of the woods (so to speak). I am also a fan of your current surroundings Nevada City. I spent the summer of 2009 out there. i 6 mths pregnant, my four year old daughter and my hubby lived in a tent on bare land that some dear friends of mine from here in Louisiana had just bought. My hubby set out to help them set some roots at their new home base. what a magical place it is out there with quick access to the Yuma River. i am dreamin' of another visit soon. cheers to new friends in this virtual world and beyond!


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