Thursday, January 26, 2012


so here's an idea
don't seem to be lackin' on the ideas 'round here
lets just add another to-do to the list
but i certainly think it would be a great collaboration of my passion to salvage and collect
with my hubby's passion to design combined with his master woodworking skill
all for the purpose of reducing waste
with the grand benefit of the personal joy it brings to create treasure with 'trash'
i do indeed like his idea for the name "wasteknot"...get it
like the knot in wood an element of natures wonder that always catches my eye
like the knot that binds together
and as in not, creating a great play on words to not waste
pictured are a few creations that inspire me most from this great NY based company whose vision is reincarnated furntiture

>> stay tuned folks <<

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