Tuesday, January 31, 2012

another place to play

here is something we worked a little more on this weekend i mentioned it here before
so as this here blog of mine will stand as documented proof (i love that about it) this project began on August 13th and it still ain't done yet, but that don't bother me none can you tell...

my hubby's silly friend Guilliame walked right in the way at the wrong time

i love this rug i purchased from the sweet woman who made it when i traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico

this is really a place for mama to play but until its complete i have it set up for the kiddos
in the future  i want something like this for the kiddos 
and i want to have an antique wash tub set up in here to do work with dyes and cloth

similar to these i found listed on ebay

i would also like to arrange a small space to do some printing on cloth too
it's all about the small spaces around here

>> dreaming of projects being complete sooner than later <<

you can find me on pinterest for even more of what inspires


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