Saturday, January 21, 2012

mommy's little girl

months ago my niece and i frolicked around posing and snapping pictures of my collections
most of those pictures can be found here
well of course miss Kaya had to join in all the ladylike fun
i came across these again and felt the need to post
she did her own makeup and styling it's all her i just snapped the pictures
not too bad for seven years old
not that i agree with her beautiful face wearing makeup actually i am often strictly against it
but this day it was all in good creative fun and i am all for expressing your creativity at any age
it is such a pleasure (sometimes overwhelming) to watch my little girl be such a lady, naturally
it's crazy to see, as i have witnessed, some of us are just born with it
maternal instinct and feminine charm

this is one of my most favorite captures of sweet Kaya barely two years old
< she is a natural i tell ya >

i encourage you to read these very sweet 50 rules of dads of daughters you will laugh and cry
 because she is daddy's little girl too
one of my favorites #43. Remember, just like a butterfly, she too will spread her wings and fly some day. 
Enjoy her caterpillar years.

while on the subject of little girls i would like to dedicate this post to Roz and Collin
1 cm dilated baby Ruby is on her way any day now
after 15 years of all boys a sweet baby girl arrives
mommy, daddy and brother's little girl too

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