Saturday, January 7, 2012

what's new

new clothes rack and new hangers...that i am pretty excited about

new designs >>> hand shaped and hand hammered copper hoops
new ideas and new collections
with new items making it to my shop real soon

since the new year began i am creating with a few words held close
 "into the future back to the earth"
bohoMERCANTILE and AFC have a fashion show we are planning in March
all in respect for local-made, local-grown, food and fashion
i am trying to move my focus from the busyness of the holidays passed 
to this upcoming show and the restart of the bazaar
working to organize my ideas and energize my inspiration in that direction
we shall see what new comes out of this

there hasn't been much drastic change 'round here 
but we (my hubby and i) certainly are working towards a better us
each on a personal level and in our businesses'
working on being 'impeccable with our word' 
 trying to be better organized and keep better records
...among other things...
it certainly is a slow process and it definitely does not just happen

every day is a new day

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