Monday, August 22, 2011

more than a greenhouse

 remember that project I mentioned here that was inspired by these
well it is well underway and as usual has grown into more of an ordeal than I imagined
you would think by now I would have learned to expect that
anyways when it is all said and done I am sure I will love it
unfortunately I am never very settled with the process of big projects
I am very sensitive with plans and because I am so creative and usually have my own vision
of how it should go and be I tend to get easily frustrated and aggravated
though being that my husband is also creative with a vision and a builder and wood master
he has his own ideas, skilled ways and plans that never seem to be as simple as mine
and he is the one doing the actual labor on this one so I need to take many deep breaths 
while I try to let go of my vision and my control over said project and just trust
that indeed I am sure I will love it when it's complete

once the structure has been closed in
 I am actually excited for this part
we will be applying tinted earth plaster to the wood that will be below the windows
in its completion we will have a sweet handmade sunlit cozy space
it will be a place for me to do some fabric dyeing 
I have my eye on this antique galvanized sink with two seperate bins
and a shelter for some plants when needed
among a few undetermined things I'm sure

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