Thursday, August 11, 2011

boro :: tattered & beautiful

Japanese folk textiles

found here and here
found here

I'm in love with this deconstructed and mended art quilt
there is something so appealing and romantic
to objects with age, history and evidence of lots of love and use
these quilt have a story to tell

found here
this is a bit much for me but you get the idea
salvaged bits and pieces
found here
now this here garment is acceptable...I like a lot

found here

I want this book found here

Boro:Rags and Tatters From The Far North of Japan’, by Yukio Koida and Kyoichi Tsuzuki

"Born out of desperate necessity, this intricate needlework has remained largely unknown because of its embarrassing associations with poverty, but can now also be explained as a loving frugality towards cloth and sewing techniques."

boro (rags) stitchery

my heart is racing

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