Tuesday, August 30, 2011

playing with light

so just last week I mentioned here how I was having some trouble getting clear pictures in low light
they were always so blurry and my shutter speed was often times soooo slow I would have to turn my camera off and on. well my shutter opened and closed super fast and the blurry is so much better
my sweet sis-in-law the pro visit her here gave me a few pointers that I finally tried
and I am so pleased with the results
something to do with the Tv setting
I am not a photographer and all of the lingo is a bit over my head
but baby steps taking all of the information in small doses and applying it to figure it out hands on
works much better for me
here's to practice...a little can go a long way
of course I still have a long way to go but I am happy with my progress
here is a look around our bedroom

this was where the old wall heater was
now its a shelf made of salvaged fence boards

worn on my wedding day
I made it from the bouquet of mini roses my hubby brought me on our first date

a few pieces from my growing collection of vintage clothes

a thrifted shelf that resembles a navajo design

this shot is my favorite of the night

i love you

gunne sax and feathers

to catch our dreams

I like the warmth of the yellows and reds that the low light creates
many more hours days weeks years of practice then maybe...

<<<>>> I hope you learn something new today <<<>>>

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