Wednesday, August 31, 2011

captured in time

you gotta hold dear the people in your life that surround you with
big happy smiles filled with laughter

this past Sunday the boho ladies gathered at lake peigneur
to take pictures of our collections available online and at the local bayouBAZAAR

thanks to our lovely and talented friend, Gwen Aucoin, for taking the photographs
and a sincere thanks to our beautiful models
Julie who is always full of spirit and light
and Grace who surprisingly it was the first time she had ever done such a thing
she was a pure natural, a perfect fit

unfortunately I was not very organized and had too many things to choose from 
with too little time and too much going on that I felt inspirationally challenged
but the experience was special and I look forward to more
gatherings to capture our vision and inspiration of the moment

I learned a very important lesson that I hope to truly grow from and do differently next time
>>> organization truly pays off <<<
honestly I consider myself pretty well organized on a normal everyday
but going into this day I definitely was not I had to many choices
while my sweet friend and fellow boho Jamie was indeed and she set an impressionable example
she had all her three choices of cloth and jewels draped on separate hangers
ready to go and I truly feel the captures show this
I will be ready next time 
we are all growing and learning with everyday and every experience
there will be so much beautiful creation to come from this connection
I feel it deep in my heart

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