Saturday, August 13, 2011

lune feature, art walk & man up = one productive day

I was having my daily visit and read of this lovely blog
while I scrolled down to find a pleasant surprise
and what did I see...

shop  -  blog

In Louisiana, Bayou Bohemian  allows vintage, antique, natural and primitive elements to combine, creating a collection of irresistibly beautiful jewelry. The gorgeous blue jay featherDream Essential Locket necklace is my pick, but between arrowheads and turquoise, I was also torn.

visit here to see the full 'shopping trip'
thanks Lune!

we had the monthly Arts & Fleas event tonight
it was my first time to participate 
I'm happy I did
its held with our monthly art walk in lovely downtown
to celebrate the work of local creators and vintage collectors

I am happy with the turnout
and I am inspired to create

thanks Twila
for welcoming me it was a pleasure
and I love working next to my gals

my hubby and a few of our sweetest man friends
gathered for their new project 'man up'
they come together at the chosen ones home (which happened to be us today)
to spend all day working on a project of said mans choice
for us it was an addition to our laundry room mentioned here
it looks nothing like my inspiration yet
but the floor is complete, the frame for the walls are up and it has a door
they worked hard deconstructing siding on the standing structure then building a new space from the ground up and with all the kids, 2 teenagers, 3 ages 6-7 and 1 toddler,
 plus getting ready for the event above
it was quite chaotic
and chaos is one of my least favorite things
but the day went well it was very productive
 and I'm happy its over (insert big happy smile here)
I will post some pictures of the project soon!

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