Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I have fallen for their s p e l l

I simply adore the face paint, the driftwood, the feathers, the beach, the turquoise, the rocks
ALL OF IT gets me so excited and inspired I can feel it in my skin 
do you know what I mean???
it's the appreciation for folklore and the beautiful use of nature that does it...

found here
I happened upon this lovely blog while doing my daily research
and my heart is racing seriously
from the beauty of their captures and creations

I find it funny how I am getting to know myself a little better
with each one of these amazing discoveries

you can shop them here
for more ultimate awww-ness check this out
and view her favorite of the moment blogs here
I'm sure there will be a many more posts inspired by 
spell & the gypsy collective
read a little about them here

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