Wednesday, May 2, 2012

the elemental flow of the feminine

The inverted triangle is said to be a symbol of the downward flow of water it is also known as an ancient symbol of femininity (representing the female genitalia which is a creator in its own right).

The power of the feminine is divine and sacred beyond.  A truth I want to nurture and discover more and more of. Interestingly this design just happened at such an appropriate time, it was unplanned, it just naturally developed and then I looked into what the upside down triangle might happen to was a happy accident, a bit of synchronicity. I feel myself embracing the elemental flow of the feminine and truly growing to deeper understand and appreciate my/our womanly ways.  Be it reactions or behaviors that tend to be rather common among us, let us understand and empower.  Let us stand tall with consciousness, respect, consideration and acceptance while we surround ourselves with strong, powerful, kind, honest, open, aware, creative ladies.  After leaving some of my dearest lady friends some eight years ago to return home to become a mother I have recently, over the last year or so, been extremely fortunate to really be submerged in nurturing an empowering bond with a heaping handful of some of the best women. Filled with love, creativity and passion to be themselves while uncovering what that is exactly along the journey. Going with the flow of our spirit like rushing water but leaving our mark along our path we travel while sometimes having to gently force a clearing down a new path. The Elemental Flow of the Feminine.

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