Saturday, May 5, 2012

First Friday of May

It takes me all day to set up for the three hour Bayou Bazaar event and by 6pm each time I am usually feeling a little emotional and overwhelmed before settling in to meeting new faces and enjoying the kind folks who come out to experience our intimate gathering with genuine interest and support.  Last night was no exception. I am looking forward to one day finding a more permanent space for our Mercantile.  We are currently manifesting something of that sort, we have our eyes and spirits open to the idea while gently searching and speaking of the perfect next step. It's only May and it was already so hot and humid I am so thankful most of my mid-day setting up was under a beautiful overgrown canopy of draping tree branches.  Unfortunately, I again forget my camera and I was so preoccupied with the many things to do I only took a couple instagrams.  You can see this bag complete in the first pic.  I like it a lot and I am excited to make more and in different sizes. I enjoy working with the natural edge of the skin.  This deer skin leather is so soft to the touch and is my favorite golden/mustard color.  This months music was great, my hubby played bass with a sweet couple who play a fresh mix of original music, honestly it was a nice fit for our event. While one of my oldest, dearest friends came out and Dj'd the tail end of the Bazaar playing a classic mix of some fun dance tunes...that's always a good time.  Roz was at it again capturing the many moments on camera and this time some video clips too, stay tuned for a peek into what she actually caught on tape.  Now I am off to enjoy my coffee before I tackle unloading my over packed van. 


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